Aerospace (AS9100)

AS9100 contains the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 along with the addition of 80+/- additional requirements critical to Aerospace Quality. The latest version of AS9100 is AS9100 rev c.

The Society for Automotive Engineers has developed the AS9100 Quality Management System (QMS) Standard to be used by organizations selling products or services to the Aerospace Industry. Implementation of AS9100 rev. c can lead to company certification to the standards.

AS9100 is a document that defines the requirements for the Quality Management System Standard. The current revision, rev. c, contains the actual requirements an organization must be in compliance with to become registered.

The benefits of AS9100 certification:

  • Well defined processes that are documented; this assists in reducing process variation, and ultimately product variation
  • Measures are required, therefore product escapes are reduced
  • Customer satisfaction increases - improved overall process controls including supplier controls
  • Corrective action is required, improvement does take place
  • Defects are caught earlier and are corrected at a lower cost
  • Your company gets the opportunity to bid on contracts that otherwise might not be available

Want to learn more about AS9100 and getting registered? If you need to learn about the AS9100 requirements you may want to consider an AS9100 training that is customized specifically for your business. Call us today for a no obligation chat!



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