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To manage improvement, change is often needed. Developing teams, teaching and deploying change requires leadership at all levels...senior, manager, supervisor, and group leader. It's not enough to simply have a quality system, a lean or lean six sigma initiative.

Whether you are managing with or without a formal quality management system such as ISO 9001, you will likely find that leadership is the key to improvement. No one system or one initiative will do it for you.

Organizational Improvement will only be as successful as leadership’s commitment to bringing about the change(s) for improving the organization. Therefore, it is important to understand some the benefits of a “quality in” approach, which is an approach that is inherent in a CQI system. The Benefits of a “Quality In” Approach Quality In means building in quality “the first time” rather than having to inspect and rework. By developing “quality in” as a way of working you get/gain:

• Saving from the reduction of rework, scrap, and waste

• Cost advantages through elimination of some inspection steps

• Better trained employees • Better supplier communications

• On time delivery • Better customer responsiveness

• Front-line responsibility • Employees who inspect their own work

Managing and leading people requires a commitment. Perhaps you would agree that the following is needed.

Managing & Leading People 

Help others win

Building confidence (empowering) others makes your role easier


Respect differences

People differ; tap their strengths and support them in their development needs


Be patient

Know your goal and progress steadily toward it


Set clear expectations

Let others know what you expect of them; gain commitment & alignment


Study each situation

Avoid jumping to conclusion, seek other perspectives,

clarify how you and others contribute to it.


Be willing to learn

Make your best plan, try it, and adjust to make it better


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