Supply Chain Management

In today's marketplace, competition operates 24/7, on a global scale – changing the way we do business, with constant pressure to innovate and reduce costs. To survive in this hyper-competitive environment, you need to obtain goods and services at competitive pricing, in conformance to spec, consistently delivered on time, sourced from anywhere in the world. Do you have the resources in-house to do that?

Supply Chain Audits & Assessments

Being certified to ISO 9001 or other standards is only one piece of the puzzle. To increase productivity and derive real value from your certification, you must maintain process conformance and continuously improve your key processes. Using professional auditors to audit and/or assess (capabilities) your key supply chain partners, ensures better quality, and cost-effective audits without taking staff away from day-to-day responsibilities. Effective auditing& assessment requires more than just following a checklist – find out how using fully-trained, professional auditors can ensure you maintain consistentquality from your supply chain.

Confrontational audits don't produce effective trading partnerships. Supplier audits can be technical and process based, but should create opportunities for your suppliers to improve their ability to meet your needs as cost-effectively as possible. Our efforts identify gaps, technical shortcomings, and solutions to supplier issues. A key goal is to bridge differences in culture and technology between your company and its suppliers to improve working relationships, control costs and increase productivity.

Process assessments: assessing capabilities prior to committing to a supplier are essential. We’ve provided a wealth of information to our clients by assessing both design and development and/or manufacturing capabilities of suppliers around the world.  Not all suppliers pass these assessments; assessment provides valuable objective evidence in the decision making process.

Supplier process audits are necessary for a number of reasons.  While ISO is an excellent foundational quality management system, the supplier audit is specific to you requirements.  The supplier process audit can be used to exam key inspection criteria, test requirements, analysis of supplier product non-conformances, and a variety of additional process capabilities.

The Professional Advantage

An effective audit program provides both suppliers and customers with an opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship. Our experience and training as certified auditors, spanning many markets, with mid-sized companies through multinational corporations, gives us a global perspective on best practices and techniques.

Assessment of new and on-going projects is equally important – especially projects that are delayed, or running into technical difficulties with validation and verification issues. Our technical team, experienced staff with combined engineering and management backgrounds, can analyze and recommend process solutions that bring suppliers into compliance with your requirements. We provide these services in a professional and respectful way so suppliers respond in a positive manner.

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