Custom Services & Training

Work with Senior Leadership in the development of presentations for board members and management teams, and/or others:

Having presented to a wide variety of audiences we understand that accuracy is an important aspect of any presentation. Our expertise to develop wide ranging presentations is often called upon when the executive does not have the time to manage and/or develop a PPT presentation with corresponding documentation.

Technical writing of manuals and procedures:

We develop and format specific quality manuals, technical procedures, and business scorecards to name but a few of our development and writing capabilities.

Curriculum and training course development:

Strategic thinking is brought to bear to develop unique and interesting curriculum prior to development of a course; then the course can be developed along with interesting graphics to hold teh participants interest.

Assess management team capability:

We will speak with members of your team to assess their capability within their area of expertise, and their ability to problem solve and lead a team. Then we can provide feedback to senior leadership and provide coaching services to the individual team member as needed.

Process analysis and improvement:


At a macro (high) level, Lean is a philosophy that can be applied to virtually any organization…doing more and more with less and less. At a micro (implementation) level, Lean is the application of the lean philosophy to continuously improve by removing “waste” in the pursuit of excellence.

We can assist you in moving from strategic objectives to a lean culture.

House of Lean - Achieving a Lean Culture

Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful methodology for improving your existing processes. The combined power of lean (used to remove waste and increase flow), and six sigma (used to reduce variation in a process) has saved company’s many thousands of dollars on each completed project, and improved overall quality of a product or service.  BlueSkye Track consults on lean six sigma projects.

Training Delivery Methodologies

We partner with OpEx 90 for the following: get your certification from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, an Ivy League college; it’s a powerful credential.

Live Online - Assemble your team from around globe and we train them LIVE online (via WebEx or Zoom) with industry experienced instructors. Individuals and teams can also take the public workshops.

Classroom at the client site - In-house training provides a cost-effective solution for small to large groups. Our instructors are industry qualified with more than 10 years of professional experience so you can be assured of an in-depth training experience.

Blended - A combination of live online and classroom training provides a is the solution for some customers, those that want to experience classroom combined with distance learning. We are here to serve your needs so flexibilty is essential.